Being Prepared

Easysteel’s culture of safety drives us to focus on achieving zero harm for all of our staff, customers and suppliers. On 25th November 2013, Easysteel Christchurch role-played two disaster scenarios identified as being the most likely to occur in the event of a disaster, such as another earthquake.

Steven Jobbitt, Head Fire Warden for Easysteel Christchurch, says the disaster scenario simulation was played out to test how first aiders and fire wardens would respond in the event of an actual emergency, and to ensure they are competent and confident to effectively and safely deal with this type of scenario to help guarantee the safety of all staff on site.
“One of the scenarios was a simulated gas leak in which the fire wardens needed shut off and isolate the gas supply, then check the area for possible ignition sources, and ensure that these were also isolated,” says Steven. This part of the scenario was overseen by Andy from Fire Fighting Pacific, who provided guidance to the fire wardens involved.

The second scenario was the simulation of a scenario in which a staff member had become trapped under a sheet of plate in the SRDC store (as represented by a dummy), and was suffering from arterial bleeding and required first aid assistance. This part of the simulation was overseen by Judy and Hawawera from City First Aid who provided guidance where necessary.
“Overall, the exercise was a great success,” says Steven. “The performance of the team of first aiders and fire wardens was outstanding, and events like this in the future will only improve the team’s responsiveness to a disaster scenario.”


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