Fiji-based coach construction company P.A. Lal Coachwork continues to grow

Sixty-eight years ago, the late Mr P.A. Lal began building buses in Suva and today his sons, Richard Lal and Victor Lal, run the successful family business. In just one generation, the company has grown to employ almost 100 people and enjoys an 80% share of the coach construction market in Fiji.

Of the five buses built every month, the range of vehicles is broad; from mini buses, curtain buses and medical buses to caravans, air-conditioned coaches and Dreamliner coaches.

Managing Director Richard Lal says the work increases every year and this is only partially due to the increased demand in Fiji and their three new markets in Kiribati, Nauru and Samoa. "Buses need to be renewed when they reach a certain age and become uneconomical to operate," he says, "and we also get occasional accident and repair work."

Easysteel's relationship with P.A. Lal Coachwork dates back almost 15 years. Originally supplying galvanised sheet metal for bodywork and internal galvanised RHS for framing, we now also supply the business with MIG wire by the pallet and recently sold them some welding plant.

Easysteel Business Development Manager Ken Hainsworth says they are a great client to work with. "We've developed a close relationship over the years, and have really tried to help them out in terms of efficiencies and costs," says Ken. "They used to buy their MIG wire locally, but it became too expensive, so we now send them a pallet every four months that they use for welding."

Easysteel has also sold P.A. Lal Coachwork three new welding machines and associated accessories over the past three years, which has seen the team adapt to a new way of welding componentry, resulting in increased production on the floor.

P.A. Lal Coachwork are happy with what they say is "excellent service" from here in New Zealand. "Easysteel are very helpful – if we need something in a hurry, they send it straight away," says Richard. "And they always have the stock we need at a good price, so it's a great supplier relationship."
Product being despatched from Easysteel's distribution centre to the ports for P.A. Lal


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