Company Profile

This is who we are - please feel free to view more about Easysteel and our history. If you would like to print a copy or email the pdf to a friend or colleague, then we suggest you click on the "Print Version".

The Steel Book

The Steel Book offers an overview of Easysteel's standard product range. We are also able to source a wider range of products so please call us to enquire about any products you need and are not listed in the book.

The Steel Book sections:

The full Steel Book is a large file to download - so below are the individual sections so you can download just the products that you need.

Structural Properties

Dimensional and design property information required for the range of structural beams and hollow sections offered by Easysteel.

Surface Area of Sections

A quick reference guide for the surface area, size and weights of standard products supplied.

Reinforcing Mesh Guide

Fletcher Reinforcing's product guide for reinforcing mesh. The Guide provides technical information on the selection of mesh and a specification sheet for each sheet manufactured.

Pacific Steel Technical Information

We only supply reinforcing steel manufactured in New Zealand by Pacific Steel. This document contains technical specification sheets for all reinforcing bar and wire supplied.